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JOURNAL POSTINGS Saturday 22 September 2018, Feria in Ordinary Time and our Lady on Saturday. Today we offer you some late blooming clematis against a backdrop of autumn shades, an unusual combination of seasons! Today's Gospel is the parable of the sower, which ends in this way: '"And some [seed] fell into good soil and grew, and yielded a hundredfold." As he said this, he called out, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear"'. In a recent homily we were urged, 'Listen!' This is, of course, the very first word of the Rule of our Holy Father S Benedict, and it is a particularly intense kind of listening that is called for. It asks for a stillness that will catch the faintest echoes of the voice of the Lord, as with Elijah in the cave on Mount Horeb. May we learn that stillness, and listen to the Lord with intensity, and may God bless you this day.

Friday 21 September 2018, S Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist, Feast. Today we celebrate the saint who had clear knowledge of the mercy of God, for it was he who was called by our Lord from being a sinner and tax collector, to be an Apostle and Evangelist. Tradition holds that he was martyred, though the place of his martyrdom is unknown. May his gospel speak to us, handed down over the centuries, and may God bless you this day.

Thursday 20 September 2018, S Andrew Kim Tae-gon, Priest, Paul Chong Ha-sang, and Companions, Martyrs. The setting sun here assumes the shape of the upper part of a chalice, so fitting for the lives of these nineteenth century Korean martyrs, poured out for Christ. The saintly Cyprian of Carthage, himself martyred, wrote: May all Christians be found worthy of either the pure white crown of a holy life or the royal red crown of martyrdom'. May these Far Eastern martyrs pray for us, and may God bless us all in our own walk of life.


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